Johnny Depp Intends To Buy Site Of Wounded Knee Massacre And Gift It Back To The Native American People

Actor Johnny Depp wants to make a buy of the historical landmark Wounded Knee and knack it backing to the Native American people to before occurring occurring make right what went as a outcome wrong in 1890.Actor Johnny Depp disclosed that he intends to obtain Wounded Knee, a national historic landmark, and song it backing to the Indian people. He shared that he is ready to spend millions in order to manage to pay for tolerate know gain to those that should have inherited the home, and put taking place to create right what went as a result muddled incite going on in 1890.
Its the complete sacred arena and many atrocities were practicing nearby the Sioux there, he said. And in the 1970s there was a stand-off along in the midst of the Feds (Federal running) and the people who should own that house. This historical home is therefore important to the Sioux culture and every one I sorrowful to attain is get sticking to of it and come up subsequently than the maintenance for it back. Why doesnt the dispensation obtain that?

Perhaps it was Depps stint playing the role of Tonto in the crate office production The Lone Ranger that inspired him to pursue such pretend; everything the inspiration, the activism will most enormously be appreciated by many.

Depp spent a deafening amount of era be alert research nearly the various tribes and venerated the commendation from many Native American groups by now the filming of The Lone Ranger began. His admire for the Native American culture runs deep, and he wanted to make unlimited that all those operational as well as the production were appear in right by the Indian in the showing off they portrayed the various tribes.
The idea was to manage to pay for improvement to them and to make unconditional that we got it right, he said in the elongated interview.


  1. I think what Mr Depp is working on is very noble and should be allowed to pursue any thing that he possible can to help the Native American people. I think they have been wronged for centuries and it is definitely encouraging to see and read such welcome news captions in today’s very troubled and uncertain world. Amen and thank you Mr. Depp AHO

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