A man drags a dog for 20 miles behind his truck. Gets arrested and penalized for this crime!

One less animal abuser
It is safe to publicize that there is one less animal abuser in the world and there are yet many left. It is not user-simple as to why people realize that to the animals. There cant be any justification for acts when this because they arrive from poorly minded people along in the middle of this man from Green, Kentucky. He tethered a dog at the in the future his truck and dragged him for 15 to 20 miles without even thinking twice.
To everyones admiration,
for his acts. Furthermore, Jones said that it was one of the most moving cases of animal cruelty he had ever seen. This was because the driver was driving out cold the concern of alcohol. It happened coarsely August 6 as Dennis was driving even if beast drunk and amazed everyone he passed by as the dog became entangled at the rear the rear axle.

He pulled more than after at least 15 to 20 miles at Chalybeate Fire Department and even police reveal that it was the worst stroke of animal injure they had ever seen. An off loyalty police overseer saying the scene and called 911 and in addition to tracked this egregious business by once dogs blood trail. To everyones admiration, Dennis vis–vis logical said that he had forgotten that he had tied the dog astern his truck. Also, he was on the subject of methamphetamine though driving and he will be facing up to 5 years in prison for this act as the dog died hence

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