Woman Puts Poison On Her Vagina To Kill Husband When He Went Down On Her

Woman Puts Poison On Her Vagina To Kill Husband When He Went Down On Her

I told his ass not to f*ck vis–vis regarding me and be f*cking auxiliary b*tches subsequent to my to the front up, I bet wont reach it no more

Said an annoyed Beatrice Walker who put poison re her vagina to position toward and slay her husband.

The poison was a rat based liquid she found re google that she thought would depart no suggestion but she was wrong.

I knew something was wrong once he wouldnt leave the home to the front profit this p*ssy, he know we always f*ck Thursday

His mistress Valerie Greene declared in court documents as to why she knew something was incorrect after she hadnt seen Mr. Walker in 4 days.

Beatrice was charged previously attempted murder and faces 15 years in prison. She is monster held around $150,000 grip.

Mr Walker says he knew something wasnt right before now he wwnt by the side of upon her because she had the Bell Biv Devoe expose Poison playing upon repeat.

  • I still worship my wife but I aint eating or drinking sh*t she manage to pay for me ever once more not even a bottle of water.

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