Largest fish in world spotted gliding alongside human swimmers in Pacific Ocean – and it is beautiful


The awe-challenging moment a whale shark rose from the deep and swam closely humans has been captured in fantastic aerial footage.

The gentle giant – the largest fish in the world – dwarfs the tiny figures in the amazing scarce video.

It was filmed off the coast of Baja California Sur, Mexico, which from in front winter to late spring is a dock for the pretty beasts.

They compensation every season to the niche waters oppressive to the city of La Paz.


Aerial cinematographer Tarsicio Saudo Suarez, 36, said it was a “special” moment subsequently he realised what was occurring.

At that moment I was in a boat furthermore than the people of the Whale Museum of La Paz,” he explained.

Whale sharks are gentle and they cannot maltreatment humans, that hours of day I after that swim gone them and captured them behind a gopro underwater.

For me that was a enormously special daylight it was a vacation where I take over the beauty of Baja California Sur and later I made a little series called Exploring Baja.

Despite their pronounce, whale sharks are fish – the largest known in the world.

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