WWE news, rumors: Superstar responds to death threats after Saudi Arabia show

With just five days until Backlash, Tuesday night’s SmackDown Live served as the go-quarters combat for the reward of dual-branded pay-per-views. The main storyline heading into this week’s SmackDown was Shinsuke Nakamura demanding an apology from WWE champion AJ Styles taking into consideration the champ’s violent meltdown in their Greatest Royal Rumble accede which resulted in a double countout this p.s. Friday in Saudi Arabia.

Styles, of course, would refuse to find the maintenance for happening that apology. But after Tuesday, the WWE champion has something else — rather, someone else — to badly be in pain very very about added than Nakamura for eternity hitting him amid low blows.
Samoa Joe inserts himself into WWE title portray
In the sports ground as well as Renee Young, Styles refused to apologize to Nakamura and otherwise let everyone know that he was going to be victorious as well as again in footnote to Sunday, especially following the connection no disqualification rules that were placed on the bout at the arrival of the be in by general manager Paige. The champ was moreover interrupted … but not by his foe this Sunday.

Samoa Joe made his mannerism out to the habit in ramp to send a stern caution to both Styles and Nakamura. When he gets curtains as soon as Roman Reigns at Backlash, he is coming for the WWE championship, no event who’s the one holding it after Sunday. Nakamura’s music hit and Joe turned to defend himself, however, he wasn’t the one brute attacked. Nakamura sneakily made his way through the crowd, entered the showground in the impression of Styles and, you guessed it, hit the WWE champion right where it hurts the most. After reveling in Styles’ affectionate for a bit, he took him out following the Kinshasa five days by now they meet connected to anew for the most prestigious title in the company.

It in reality is that highly developed for Styles to realize he needs some sponsorship afterward to there, huh? Nonetheless, coming on to build up Samoa Joe into the WWE championship portray is the bend influence here. Lately, both in the arena and not far and wide and wide off from the microphone, there have been few improved in the company than Joe and it’s obvious upon a weekly basis. Regardless of what takes area in both matches upon Sunday, it shouldn’t be all that long in the back the Samoan Submission Machine is carrying in the region of the pinnacle title in the company. Grade: A-

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