Obama’s Hero Nelson Mandela HUMILIATES Obama, Praises TRUMP!


Obama is soon scheduled to speak in South Africa to commemorate former South African dictator Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday. Mandela, who once famously pulled an “oops my bad” and turned away from his brutal past when he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, became a hero to most of the world and a sign of Christ’s redemptive power — but especially to Barack Obama, who hopes to use Mandela’s legacy to further his own initiatives.

Ahead of Obama’s appearance at the event, where he hopes to preach “tolerance” to blacks in South Africa who brutally oppress white people in reverse-slavery-like conditions, Mandela praised not Obama but President Trump. On Sunday, the 100-year-old said during an interview with the Congo Times:


If we want to see inclusiveness and solidarity, look at what President Donald Trump is doing in America. He reached out to Kim Jong-un and now his words alone have caused a warmonger to completely abandon a dangerous nuclear program.

While I respect President Obama and his mission of universal love, sometimes you have to be tough to achieve your goals and President Trump is doing a much better job of that than Obama ever did. It’s not just “make America great again” anymore — it’s “make the world great again.”

The Obama Foundation refused to provide a comment on Mandela’s support of President Trump, but we’re sure that any statement is going to include the word “Russia.”

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