FACT CHECK: Did Trump Really Resurrect Osama Bin Laden To Spite Obama?


No one thought he could do it but did President Trump, using the latest technology and investing millions of dollars, really “take undoing President Obama’s legacy to the next level” by bringing Osama Bin Laden back from the dead?

Social media is abuzz with the rumor that Donald Trump “spent millions” using “stem cell technology, advanced cloning, and rapid growth hormones” to give birth to and grow a cloned Osama Bin Laden to exactly the age he would be today had Obama not eliminated him.

“This shows that there is nothing Obama did that cannot be undone,” a conservative blog reported. “President Trump truly is our god-king.” The news has been celebrated across Facebook and Twitter, but…

How true is it?

While White House sources anonymously confirm that President Trump did indeed attempt to buy a vial of Osama Bin Laden’s semen on Ebay only to discover that it actually came from “some random minority” in Ecuador, the rest of this claim can not be verified because Donald Trump has not tweeted about it nor has Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced it at a press briefing. Osama Bin Laden sightings over the last 8 years have also dropped by more than 73%, which indicates that Trump bringing him back from the dead to spite Obama or for any other reason is rather unlikely.

Some liberals claimed that Trump would “kill him again just to show that he’s the bigger man,” but this claim can not be verified either, as it is unclear if Osama Bin Laden lives.

The Verdict:

It is true that President Trump has undone a number of Obama’s achievements, though his motivation (spite, jealousy, and “being a general d*ckbag” for instance) is not clear. So far, the White House has not said anything about the situation. It is also unproven that Osama Bin Laden is alive. We rate this claim Probably False, Pending Evidence.

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