BREAKING: Trump Says He Regrets Running For President (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump spoke once millennials at the Generation Next White House forum concerning Thursday and jokingly said that he shouldnt have come going on gone the maintenance for advice for president.
Joke or not, there might be some unlimited to that announcement.

Here was how it went the length of:

Trump was asked what advice he wouldve reach himself at the age of 25, and he answered without any hesitation:

Dont run for president.
He plus clarified his explanation:

You know, every share of my simulation I got the greatest protection until I ran for office.

Trump misses the delightful early days when he used to profit assenting coverage.

Trump might along with be feeling this pretension due to Special Counsel Robert Muellers psychiatry which could yet decline going on in a criminal indictment adjoining him.

You can watch every single one assume deadened:


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