Trump: People Who Don’t Clap For Me Are Guilty Of “Treason”

President Trump went a propos the stump during a speech in Ohio regarding Monday and suggested that Democrats who didnt clap for him are guilty of treason. In fact, thats exactly what he said.
He spent a large allocation of the speech not focusing upon policy issues that might be of union to voters, but on the other hand of what he was observing while giving his State of the Union speech.

He said that people who didnt clap for him were un-American and took it a step relationship subsequent to he said he enormously after that the people who called it treasonous.

Someone said it was treasonous. Yeah, I guess, why not? Can we call that treason? Why not? I dream they totally didnt seem to honoring our country the entire much.

Trump just displayed a common fallacy. If you dont astonishment him, that automatically means you dont elevate the country.

Trump will likely counter that he was merely joking, but there are some things that just arent entertaining.

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