BREAKING: Saudi Arabia Charges Hillary Clinton With Murder


The Saudi Arabian government has just filed charges against Hillary Clinton for murder. 17 Saudi Arabian women, all between the ages of 18 and 20, were killed when their freighter went down in the Sea of Caledonia. The freighter was chartered by the Clinton Foundation.

The Saudi Supreme Fallah, Mustafa al Daweid, said that Clinton wasn’t just guilty by association:


“These girls were being sent to the Caledonian Emirate by Hillary Clinton personally. The documents we have uncovered show her signature on the manifest and a transfer to her personal bank account for $20 million. She is guilty of murder and will be executed if ever she steps foot in Saudi Arabia again.

Clinton shrugged at the charges, called them insane and said she’d be happy to skip Saudi Arabia on her next overseas trip:

“I’m just fine with not having to pretend to be submissive to men. As for the charges…just add them to the list of conspiracy theories about me.”

The Saudi Prime Minister says he will abide by the wishes of the Supreme Fallah and send a letter to President Trump demanding Clinton be turned over to his government. Historically Presidents don’t turn over former officials for trials in countries without due process, but this may be different. Trump may have the ability to rid the world of the evils of Hillary Clinton with nothing but a signed extradition order.

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